Angels in Human form (By Victor Igiri)

Be kind to everything possible
Be kind in sunshines
Be kind, yet, when in flames or hell.

Be kind every where possible;
To a nagging wife who deserves your silence
To the black husband who merits hate
To the selfish world who look defiant to man’s
many dilemmas;
To the man so natural,
blind to the sickness of the world,
Be kind.

No position, be it great or small
prototypes its showing
Nothing too small, to start with, a kind gesture.

That with us should live love beyond
religion, culture, lifestyles
and the differences therein

That like the air, we be generous
And in whichever way, through actions or words,
in kind tones, or currencies
We be the fluids to cool
off the fires of the world

And to Everyone possible,
So, He desires that
We doctor the dying world.
Be kind.

Prompt: The gala seller on the Lagos road who, seeing a
group of prisoners in a van, stuck in traffic, lavishly distributed
his gala to these jailbirds.
Thanks, Denike Ajitena for sharing this inspiration on your
Instagram page.
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Copyright (C) 2018
IGIRI Victor

Wake Up (By Victor Igiri)

It’s a blessing to behold a new day,
a fresh rising
and of course, a closer walk to destinies,
or times to touch the dreams of our yesterdays.

And sure, we must be thankful enough to appreciate
the Maker of all things; God, for given us yet another opportunity
to right the wrongs, reconstruct the broken bridges,
and to fill up the blank spaces of our books of Life.

Yes, we must, as a matter of fact be
able to re-create our lives and
make them conform to their default modes
if we hope to live a fulfilling existence.

No time is too late to leave your stamp on this Phase.
Nothing is too small to begin the journey to
becoming a game changer
And you don’t have to wait to sit at the top of
the ladder to be a positive influence to lives.

We all owe three individuals the bliss of our lives;
To God who expects that we utilize every
giftings He blessed us with…
To Humanity who awaits the manifestation
of our jewels in order to remain
happy all their lives…

And to ourselves who we must not deny
the joy of advertising the unique
individuals on our inside and allowing
them die without a voice.

It’s a month to blossom, so I believe,
but to the extent to which you do not
only believe but also outlining your actions to
actualizing your dreams.

Don’t just dream, work.
Don’t just set goals, sketch strategies to achieving them,
for very little of somethings happen by chance.

We are the drivers of our destinies. Pilot yours well;
And if I do, like you, without fear but courage, and faith in
God in ALL things, we would not only
change our lives or our society
But would make our world a better place for us all.

I believe in you just as I do to me.

Copyright(C) 2018
IGIRI Victor @
Purpose Driven Youth Network

Rainbows are rare, be one

I am the colours of the rainbow
I am the pigments of the earth
I am the hues of mankind
I am, like you, heaven sent to this span.

You are black
You are white
You are the different colours of humanity
You are, like me, dust born.

We are God’s creatures; beautiful and ugly.
We are God’s Nature; green and brown.
We are imperfect; good and bad.
Like all of man, we are only slightly different from selves.

We are books of many angles
We are stories of multiple dimensions
But at finis, you are either a Phoenix
On history’s heart or a Trash mankind would discard.

Prompt: ‘Heal The World’

Copyright 2018
IGIRI Victor
© 23 hours ago, IGIRI Victor humanity • imperfection • life • friendship • love

Gold winner in a poetry contest on the platform.

MARCH Forward(By Victor Igiri)

Like the three Hebrew ‘boys who blossomed green in red furnace;
Like Daniel who made beds with the lion’s flesh;
Like Solomon whose splendour grew to horizons far and wide;
So shall your light as from henceforth rise above every darkness that glowed in your past.

Like the light in distance ‘shores whose flickers stands unique,
I see you rising as the star to live destiny’s cause who the creator made you as in the beginning.

You are God’s… and everything God is perfection revealed.
Hence, Rule. Recreate.
Rewrite every history that has exalted itself against your sun.

It’s a new dawn of hope and one call
so clear from me to you is:

March into glory as the stars. You are a star.
March into your blessings. Nothing ever shall again limit your shine.
March into possibilities for ‘Impossible’ is only the devil’s trick to
keep your back on the ground.

March into favour and Abundance;
to Godliness and the ways of Divinity.
March through in greatness from every captivity, limitation, impossibilities, struggles and every evil history subjected you to.

You are not on earth for nothing
Hence, I am certain that you will blossom green.

It’s your month to shine.

Enjoy March like never!

Copyright(2018) IGIRI Victor
@Purpose Driven Youth Network

‘Arise, Shine…’ (By Victor Igiri)

Like the sun, I will shine.
Like the moon, I will glow.
As stars, I will blossom.
And as the rainbow with the golden beauty,
my life shall yet reflect its glitz.

Its a new dawn of hope
And with no fall shall this new morn
wake but
Of greatness, goodness and blessedness.

I will shine.
I will glow.
Like the grass,
my life shall blossom green.

The dust of the Earth, hear me,
I am not yours to eat by any means,
Neither should any tears or sadness grace my
heart for your cruelty upon my cherished ones.

To you, my homeland,
Rise up again, Nigeria
And may those who seek your fall, fall.

Welcome to the Season of Abundance
For with impatience I await to hear
your fresh songs,
and your new dance I pray to behold
of Heaven’s blessings that would rain heavy on you.

Glow in this day and onward.

Copyright(c) 2018 (IGIRI Victor) @
Purpose Driven Youth Network.


Its a New Dawn
A fresh Sun upon us wakes in its glitz and glamour.
Our souls in splendor rouse for we behold its greenness with hope and faith upon the sky King
for Freedom beckons swiftly, a sweet call I hear.

Not caged a soul No more as hisTory
But this fragrance washes anew and wears on us some pristine garments.
Three Six Five days again we drive, a journey to Dreamlands, and Destinies or doom.
But a Season strong and mighty and gloryful I see.

A year to dance I smell.
A year of sunlights my sixth brain tells
for my star shall know no fall.
No shame but Fame.
No horror or reproach.
To glory I rise
To Purity I pledge allegiance
For with Twenty-Eighteen
I will Rise, Rise and Rise
It is my Year to Dance
A 2018 FULL of Sunshine!

Copyright (C) 2018(Igiri Victor)

Count Your Blessings (By Victor Igiri)

Count Your Blessings
(By Victor Igiri)

What are you greatful to God for?
It’s about time to bid farewell to 2017 but how much have you given it a thought to appreciate His unfading love towards you for seconds long?

Be thankful for the food you ate that never choked you to death.
Be thankful for the water you drank that kept you healthy, strong and able.

Be thankful for your relationships; with family, friends and foes alike.
You are not better off than those lying silent, six feet beneath earth, Be thankful.

Be thankful for Grace, His overflowing love. Despite
your frailties, He has not at any time judged you by the your thousand flaws.

Be thankful for protection. The same road you prayed God for guidance was the same path others travelled
but were slain.
An unclad lunatic, one day as always was cruising along the road and saw an ambulance carrying a corpse
and accompanied by a thousand wailers… He paused; looked to the heavens and with hands lifted high, he said,
“O Lord, I bless you for keeping me alive and not allowing me to be as this dead man…”

Be thankful for the sun. Be thankful for the rain. Be thankful for the good times, the bad and the ugly. Who would have held God responsible if you had died like those whose blood burned in the highway; or those on life support on the hospital bed?

With Life, a living ‘dog’ is far better than a dead lion. There is hope for you. There is a beautiful tomorrow ahead. A starlic future I see of 2018 and nothing can ever stop you.

You are moving forward and I see you rising, rising and rising. Keep cool. Thank Heaven for 2017 for a grateful heart sets the foundation for more blessings.You are a Victor.
Happy Celebrations.

Copyright (C)2017(Igiri Victor)@
Purpose Driven Youth Network.